About us

Bizarre is a group of companies which expands its business empire with the horizon as its limit. Bizarre started its activities in January, 2008. The group is having three Companies namely, Bizarre Global Marketing Systems Ltd., Bizarre Business Corporation Ltd. and Bizarre International Business Pvt. Ltd. Bizarre Global Marketing Systems Ltd., being the first company in the group acts as the Strategic Planner and Business Developer for the group. Bizarre Business Corporation Ltd. focuses on Retailing, Wholesaling and Asset Building. Bizarre International Business Pvt. Ltd. focuses on innovative marketing and the sales promotion of Bizarre Superrnarkets through the discount vouchers.


With the intention of being the best company in the business world with the public participation, Bizarre desires to start thousands of supermarkets throughout the globe thereby creating permanent customers when its shops are opened one by one in its own premises. One of the greatest endeavors of Bizarre is to become one among the top ten companies in the World, by 2020.


Bizarre, the effulgence of innovative business ideas, has been providing the best products and service to the socially committed people to enable them to have financial freedom in order to carry the novel ideas and build trust among the public. Bizarre wants to establish a cultural integrity in the Universe by being the part of every individual’s day-to-day life. The committed Bizarrians make Bizarre a revolution.

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