Future Plan

Bizarre is having a clear vision plan on its future operations.  The plan aims at optimum utilization of its resources and maximizing the wealth of its shareholders.  The following is a brief note on its future plans:

1. Running Supermarkets

Having identified the potential of trading of consumer goods, Biza will continue to run its own supermarkets.  All the supermarkets will be running under the franchisee system. In the supermarkets, along with daily utility products, there will be electronic products and home appliances. Biza was actually running 15 such supermarkets at different places in the State of Kerala and Karnataka. A few supermarkets are still run smoothly.  Biza will initiate discussions with the rest of franchisees and continue that mechanism only if it is agreeable to them.  Biza is planning forward to open a minimum of 100 Shoppes within a short period.  The wholesale division which supplies almost all the products to the supermarkets in future will be directly under the control of Biza.

2. Developing Commercial Complexes

Biza is having 50 pieces of land, all at major commercial centers of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  The foundation stone laying ceremony of 25 such plots were already over and construction was just moved.  Biza is having a plan to develop 10 selected plots out of the above 25 plots, in the first phase. Biza would mainly construct 3 storied commercial complexes. After utilizing the required space for Biza, the rest would be sold outright.  Biza is having liquid funds to initiate this construction. Meanwhile, any bank would be ready to lend loans in case of a need, considering the value of collateral securities Biza can offer. The properties are all situated in ideal locations, especially in second and third line towns / cities.  The plots will be developed one by one so as to ensure uninterrupted cash flow.

3. Marketing and Distribution of specific quality products

Biza has already initiated marketing and distribution of specific quality consumer products.  Preliminary steps have been taken to import products.  Biza will identify some innovative products like Solar AC, Solar Panel, Remote Jacky, Fitness equipments etc. and import the same for marketing and distribution.

4. Developing own branded products

Biza has already initiated developing its own branded products.  The brand name “Fresh n’ Taste” has been identified and applied for trade mark registration under 45 classifications. The first product under this plan would be marketing its own Chakky Fresh Atta.  This could be started without any trouble, as Biza has already worked on its preliminary steps.  This product will be of good quality available in the market and thus Biza is confident in developing it. Such products under the brand name “Fresh n’ Taste” would also be marketed in the future.

5. Diversification into Textile and Garments Industry

Biza has its plan to diversify the business to the ever demanding textile and garments industry.  It will set up a unit in Thirupur, the city of textiles and manufacture its own garment products. However, initially it will get it manufactured from other factories to save capital expenditure. Capital Investment will be made, after evaluating the market responses and after ensuring the success of the business. The Company is planning to develop a new brand in the textile industry and note too far in the future it will set up 25 shops including at least 5 of them in Abroad.
Biza is having all resources and convincing projects to resume its operation and to grow further.

Benefit to shareholders

Biza will ensure that each shareholder who presently possesses the discount coupons of the company and wishes to continue his stake in the company gets an opportunity to utilize it through its supermarkets. It is important to note that Biza has booked a profit Rs.3,16,000/- in the financial year 2009-10 as per the audited and filed financial statements. In the financial year 2010-11, the estimated profit is above one crore and Biza has already paid 34 lakhs as advance tax to the Government.  However, the audit for the year 2010-11 is in the final stages.
Biza is confident enough to book more volume of profit in the years to come. Though the company has undertaken no activity during the last one year, the market value of all the properties it has purchased has grown several times of its actual value. So it could be stated very firmly that the investment of share holders (share capital) is adequately represented by capital assets and there is no situation of share holders losing out their investment exists. It is also pertinent to note that the company has no liability with banks or any other financial institutions.
BBC would be able to declare a dividend to its shareholders and even to issue bonus shares in near future.

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