BBC is glad to have an order from the Industries (B) Department of Government of Kerala (Order No. 3935/B3/12/ID dated 06.03.2012), giving permission to run the present business in conformity with the guidelines issued by the Government.  Having received a favorable Government Order, Bizarre filed a writ petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala (WP (C) No. 8646 of 2012 (E)), seeking speedy disposal of the petition filed with the Government to restart functioning in accordance with Government guidelines.  The Hon’ble High Court in its judgment dated 04.04.2012 has directed the State Government to consider the petition and pass orders after hearing Bizarre, as early as possible, within a period of 6 months from the date of the Judgment.
Even after six months, as the cases were prevailing against the company, the government could not settle the issue. So the company approached The Kerala Legal Services Authority and filed  an application for the immediate settlement. Accepting the application from the company, KELSA decided to conduct the ‘Adalath’ and sent notices to 160 complainants. 119 complainants  presented in the Adalath and 101 of them expressed their consent to get on with the company. Our next aim was to open the office of the company which had been locked out due to crime investigation. When we approached Crime Branch with The  Government order to continue functioning, the Crime Branch insisted to obtain the court order for it the company approached the CJM at Kalpetta from where an order was issued to Crime Branch to give back the key to open the office.

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