Dear All,

Once again I express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported the Company during our period of crisis. I am very glad to inform you that based on the applications received by us based on public notice for refund of money, the refund procedures will commence shortly. Very soon KELSA will start sending letters to the shareholders for the adalaths. Since large number of settlement conferences have to be arranged and availability of dates and judges have to be obtained, we are planning to schedule the adalaths district wise.  But since some of you who had opted for refund has intimated urgent requirement for money, we thought of requesting KELSA to call them for the first adalaths.

Therefore shareholders, who have sent applications for refund, require their refund urgently may please send the name & username to within 7 days so that their names could be furnished to KELSA for including in the list of the first adalath to be conducted at Ernakulam.

After the awards are passed by KELSA, the amount covered by the award will be sent to you by post.

With regards,